What is The Secret to Jump Higher?

Here Are A Few Secrets!

  • If If you increase your overall power-to-body weight ratio,
    it will improve how high you jump. Now, how do you maximize that?
  • ​Why some shorter, lean players
    can jump higher than expected:
     They developed a powerful jump technique and took advantage of an excellent power-to-body weight ratio. 
  • ​If you build your momentum and horizontal speed,
    it will help you increase your jump's height. So how do you do this in the most explosive way and over the shortest distance?
  • ​If you do not warm up,
    you won't get the same height. And the warm-up needs to address the right group of muscles. So learn what to do precisely.
  • Where you look, and the movement you initiate
    does make a difference. You don't look where you would think and don't make the movement you would probably choose at first ...
  • ​Your genetics count.
    But what is its maximum potential? Do you know it?
  • Find out why your vertical is not increasing.
  • There is an optimum weight-to-strength ratio.
  • ​The squat is an obvious necessity.
    But you have to do other lower body exercises to leverage its effectiveness. Learn which muscles are needed.
  • ​There are four types of muscles to propel your body upward that you must work together. Do you know which ones?
  • ​You must work on a group of leg muscles you likely never heard about
  • ​Don't count on your shoes.
    They're not designed to help you much.
  • ​Investing a lot in Running is not helping much either …​
  • ​​You have tried box jumps, squats, calf raises, jump shoes, air alert, and ankle weights ... and it didn't work. Learn why.
  • Most of us can increase our jumps by 30% and more
    with the right coaching.
  • ​Believe it. You can Dunk. Regardless of your age, height, genetics, ...
  • ​​On the next page, watch 100% actual results from real people.
  • ​So many testimonials ...
  • ​Watch the video from the World’s #1 Dunker...
  • ​... and the 3 steps system based on his techniques.

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